Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Church means more than "big Sunday meetings."

A megachurch in Cincinnati, Ohio, announced last month that it is paying off $46.5 million in medical debt for more than 45,000 families. Crossroads Church partnered with Medical Debt, a medical debt relief non-profit, to wipe out debts for people in four states, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana.

According to senior pastor Brian Tome, "Churches are at our best when we are a blessing to real people in our communities. We're not here to just have big Sunday meetings." Tome told his congregation about the "opportunity to multiply our impact" during a sermon last November. He said those whose debts are paid will receive a letter that says, "Your medical debt has been paid because someone loves you and there is a God who has not forgotten about you." The church wiped out debt for 41,233 households in Ohio, 2,974 Kentucky households, 503 households in Tennessee, and 136 Indiana families.

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