Wednesday, February 26, 2020

An officer and a gentleman

It happened February 10 at Central Elementary School in Van Buren, Arkansas. A daddy-daughter dance was scheduled, but 8-year-old Avey Cox might not be able to go, because her daddy died over the holidays. When Cpl. Nick Harvey heard this, he took action as the school resource officer. Not wanting to be turned down by a second-grader, he asked Avey's mom first. When she agreed, he invited Avey to the dance and she accepted. She remembered, "I was excited because I never, never went and it would be my first time and I actually had been wanting to go."

Harvey wore a red tie to match her dress, and picked her up in his police car. The pair then met six of Avey's friends and their father-dates before enjoying a pizza dinner and riding to the school in a stretch limo. Afterward, they went out for ice cream. Harvey is the father of two daughters who are now too old for this dance, and admitted he embarrassed himself a little because, "I danced, but I can't dance." He added that Avey is "and awesome kid" and he hopes to escort her to all her future daddy-daughter dances.

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