Friday, February 28, 2020

A crumb from Missouri

In January, a business called Portrait Innovations closed more than 100 stores nationwide. Many customers who had paid in advance for pictures never received them due to the closure. One recently-shuttered photo shop was in a mall in Kansas City, Missouri. Brian Bononi was in the vacant shop recently doing work for the leasing agent when he noticed more than 160 photo prints and canvases stacked near the door. They were all from photoshoots celebrating graduations, baby announcements and family reunions, and they were going to the landfill since the store had closed.

"It was disappointing, especially because they'd been paid for," he said, so he received permission to take them home; find out who they belonged to, and deliver them. Since the Bononi family began this labor of love, more than 20 different orders have been delivered to grateful families. He has no plans to stop until every order has been fulfilled.

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