Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Bikers like lemonade too!

In September, 2018, Daryn Sturch and her daughter Bryanne came across a bad accident involving several motorcyclists with the Milwaukee Iron Biker Group. Sturch is a nurse in Chili, Indiana, and felt compelled to stop and treat the injured. After leaving the scene, she reached out to the group on Facebook to check up on them. To her relief, all the injured bikers survived. Now fast forward to last month.

Sturch's daughter Bryanne had planned to lemonade stand. As soon as it opened, Bryanne was overwhelmed. Thirty bikers showed up to buy lemonade, including some her mom at treated at the accident scene. Sturch said, "It's a perfect example of how just because you don't look the same or dress the same or have the same hobbies and interests doesn't mean we don't have the same core values inside us. We shouldn't make assumptions about people. We should just love each other."

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