Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A crumb from "Feel Good Friday"

The East Idaho News sponsors a program called Feel Good Friday. Readers submit tips about deserving neighbors, and the News visits one of them with recognition and a modest reward. Recently a reader sent them this email. "I have a sweet neighbor who hosts a lemonade stand every year and donates all her earnings to Primary Children's Hospital. This year she made more than $400 from all the amazing cookies she baked, and her lemonade. She could pocket all the money, but she chooses to donate it instead. She is such a great example to my own children."

The East Idaho News did some research, and discovered the girl is Kymber King, a ten-year-old who started her annual lemonade stand three years after a neighbor child was diagnosed with a fatal disease. Kymber made $100 the first year, $200 the second year, and $400 this year. The East Idaho News visited Kymber by surprise to thank her for her kindness. And she was thrilled (above) to receive flowers and several gift cards to stores where she likes to shop. She'll always remember this Feel Good Friday.

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