Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Companions for courage

Karl lives in Eustis, Florida. He's a white boxer who was almost put to sleep by his breeders because he was born deaf. Thanks for an organization called Companions for Courage, he now has an important career. He's available to encourage children called to court and asked to testify against their abusers. One little girl was frozen with fear when called to the stand in the 9th Circuit Court in Florida to face the man who wronged her. That's when she "signed" Karl to come sit by her, and he did. Karl knows simple sign language, and always obeys signs. Loud courtroom noises don't bother him. He's always calm.

Children who must testify are taught a few simple sign language signs that Karl knows well. They feel like they have a secret code known only to Karl. His big muscular build made little girl feel safe. When she could not reach down to pet him, she kicked off her shoes and ran her toes through his fir. With Karl's support, she began to testify and went through the entire process without a hitch.

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