Thursday, November 29, 2018

A reader in Bloomington, Indiana, shared this crumb

Last September, Dutch government officials decided to send an Armenian family back to their homeland. The Tamrazyans fled Armenia nine years ago after receiving death threats, and were given asylum in the Netherlands. Now officials have changed their mind, and are prepared to expel the parents and their three children. There's just one problem. By law, Dutch police cannot enter a church during services.

                            Hayarpi Tamrazyan, 21, and her younger brother and sister.

Hayarpi Tamraazyan appealed for help on social media and the family was given refuge in the Bethel Church in the Hague. To keep police from entering the building, 300 volunteer pastors have conducted a round-the-clock worship service since Oct. 27. A candle has been passed from one minister to the next -- for about 700 hours, and more clergymen are being called to assist. "It's so impossible to express how special it feels when so many people help you," says Hayarpi. A petition to grant the family permanent asylum has received over 250,000 signatures, so far. Let us pray.

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