Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Stolen "police car" replaced

Conner Burton, 6, visited the Circle K gas station in Taylorsville, IN, on Aug. 22. Conner left his car on the sidewalk as they went inside for a snack. When they returned, it had vanished. Valued at about $300, it has not been found. Conner cried himself to sleep the night his toy car was stolen. He kept asking if deputies had found it yet. By then, news of his loss had reached three police departments in south-central Indiana, and they prepared a surprise for him.

When Walmart learned police wanted to replace Conner's car, they donated a gift card to purchase it. Conner was then invited to tour the Bartholomew County Sheriff's Department in Columbus, IN. First he was sworn in as a Junior Deputy. Then he received a badge and a hat. Finally he was led to the department garage, where his shiny new vehicle was waiting. Asked how he felt, Conner said, "happy." An officer said the department received so many donations for Conner that "we could have bought him 20 cars." As the family left, the Sheriff called after Conner. "Hey, you've got a badge, a hat and a car. I expect you to report for work at midnight."

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