Saturday, September 1, 2018

Bride and groom had no Plan B

Mr. and Mrs. Vansiedright walked down the aisle recently to take their wedding vows. About 150 friends witnessed the ceremony, and afterward formal pictures were taken. Now it was time for a wedding meal, but where was the caterer? He had marked the wrong date on his calendar, and never showed up. The newlyweds had no Plan B. In desperation, they went to a nearby by restaurant to ask for help. It happened to be the Sonder Farm to Table Restaurant in Hudsonville, Michigan, where they got more help than they ever expected.

When Sonder owner Nick Ruesticus heard about their problem, he said there was no way he could turn them down. He and his staff agreed to close the restaurant all day. Then, in just 90 minutes, they put together a cocktail hour and wedding feast for 150 people. They even made sure there were vegetarian and vegan options and a choice between beef and chicken. The newlyweds were in awe of the restaurant's kindness. They received a refund from their absent caterer, but say they don't know what they would have done if Sonder's compassionate staff had not stepped in to help.

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