Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The most loving, perfectest human ever!

Hillary Harris was adopted as an infant. As an adult, she searched for her birth mother and her half-sister Dawn Johnson, but couldn't find them. Then a couple moved into the home next to the house Harris and her husband own in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The woman's name was Dawn and she was from Greenwood, Wisconsin, the place where Harris's sister lived, according to the adoption file. Harris saw her neighbor often, as their homes shared a single driveway. One day Dawn and her partner, Kurt Casperson, ordered a truckload of roof shingles. They were left in the driveway under a tarp which was identified with the name Johnson. Harris was almost speechless.

                                                                                               Courtesy of Hillary Harris
The clues were adding up, but she was afraid to ask. Finally she texted Johnson, "Were you the Loyal Corn Fest queen in 1983," referencing a tidbit in the obit of her birth father, Wayne Clouse, which she found in her adoption file. Dawn replied, "LOL, why are you asking me that?" Harris texted back, "Who was your birth father?" Dawn replied, "Wayne Clouse, but he died in 2010." At that moment, it clicked for both of them. Harris immediately called Johnson, and they talked and cried for hours. The next morning, Johnson went to Harris' house with flowers and a card that said, "Hi, Sis." Over the past year, the two have been inseparable. According to Harris, Johnson is "the most loving, perfectest human ever." (Today's crumb was shared by an alert reader in Indiana.)

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