Sunday, July 8, 2018

Teaching is still a calling after 81 years

Isabella Dryden of Winnipeg, Canada, retired after a 40-year teaching career, but as soon as her farewell party ended, she went straight back to the classroom -- as a volunteer. "Creative Retirement" asked if she'd teach some classes to senior citizens, and she felt it might be her mission for a few more years.

Dryden never dreamed her new gig would span decades. The 101-year-old says she has not stopped teaching in the past 81 years. "I never gave up that feeling," she said. "Every day I am happy to be in the classroom." What pointed her in the direction of teaching? Her first grade teacher gave her a tiny china cup and saucer for something she did at school. She can't recall what she did, but knows she loved the cup. "I have had it now for 94 years."

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