Thursday, April 26, 2018

Arresting officer accepts invitation

Tiffany Hall first met Long Beach, California, police Lt. Jim Foster when he arrested her on drug charges. "I became a product of my environment -- drug infestation," Hall remembers. "Somehow Lt. Foster became part of my life. He would always take me to jail."  Foster recalls that "she had a unique personality,"and whenever he drove her to the station he'd chat with her about making better choices. Foster's kindness gave Hall the courage to turn her life round.

Five years later, the City of Long Beach reunited Hall with her arresting officer. She presented him with an invitation to her college graduation, a ceremony Foster said he "would not miss for the world," adding that "the biggest joy of my professional career is from time to time having contact with people who find their way out of horrible circumstances and into life's success."

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