Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Make America Dinner Again!

When the 2016 presidential race ended, Justine Lee and Tria Chang were sad to see so much political divisiveness on their social media feed. But instead of joining the online arguments, they wanted to bring people together in person, so they developed a project called Make America Dinner Again, inviting strangers from both sides of the aisle to sit down and break bread together and lay their opinions on the table, literally.

According to the MADA Web site, Make America Dinner Again is an avenue to listen. These small dinners consist of respectful conversation and delicious food shared among six to ten guests who have differing political viewpoints, and have our country's best interests at heart.  So far they've helped host 13 dinners from California to Washington, DC, and people are reaching out to the duo about hosting MADA meals of their own. Want to know more? Then point your browser to http://www.makeamericadinneragain.com/

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