Monday, January 22, 2018

Another example of "Boston's finest"

Kori Malenfant, 19, had just undergone brain surgery in New York city. Her parents stayed by her side until she was released from the hospital ten days later. Then the trio took a train from New York to their home in Portland, Maine, but when they arrived at Boston's North Station, they missed their connection by five minutes.  All they wanted was someplace to store their luggage while they waited 23 hours in the cold station for the next train to Maine. They saw a policeman and asked if he could help.

Boston Police Captain Kelley McCormick noticed they looked tired, and Kori looked cold and frail. So he packed them into his cruiser, saying they could stay at his house after he filled the car with gas. But after gassing up, he kept driving. Kori finally asked if he was taking them all the way to Portland, and McCormick said, "yes, this is a kidnapping, but it's legal." Two hours later, the family was back home in Maine. "There were just no words at that point," said Kori. "We were so thankful."

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