Sunday, December 10, 2017

Just doing my job

It began with a multi-car crash on the A1, the north-south thoroughfare through England. Yorkshire police officer Martin Willis was first on the scene, and saw a van teetering on the edge of an icy bridge with the driver trapped inside. "Every time a lorry went by I could see the van sway and I just thought, 'It's perched right over the A64. If this van goes over, it will kill the driver." Willis assured the driver he'd be safe and told him not to move. While other officers closed the road below, Willis grabbed the van's rear wheel, as shown here.

                                                                                                       Motorway Martin
His grip on the wheel prevented the van from falling from the bridge onto the highway below. He held on for 15 minutes, until West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service was able to stabilize the van and rescue the 25-year-old driver, who suffered serious leg injuries. Willis later claimed he was just doing his job.

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