Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Paying it forward under golden arches

Think back to September 21, when a drive-in customer stopped at "the first window" at McDonalds in Ocean Springs, Mississippi to pay for the food she ordered. She was a regular, so staff were not too surprised when she told them she also wanted to pay for the car behind her, even though she did not know them. General manager Heidi Waters said this kind of generosity happens many mornings at the restaurant. Maybe five or ten drivers learn their tab has been paid and agree to pay for the car behind them. The eighth car (give or take) just grabs the free food and drives off. This time it was different.

The fifth driver offered to pay for the sixth. And the sixth paid for the seventh, and the seventh for the eighth, until the  McDonalds crew began to wonder how long it would last. "It makes us feel that we're appreciated, even at McDonalds, said Waters. You know the community appreciates the hard work you do." On this day, the run of good will continued for OVER AN HOUR! Before it ended, 125 customers in a row paid for the car behind them before they left.

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