Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Mr. Rogers was right!

If Mr. Rogers had seen news about the shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday, October 1, he would have noticed Taylor Winston. Winston joined the Marine Corps when he was only 17, and served two tours in Iraq before being discharged in 2011 as a Sergeant. He was in the crowd when he heard shots ringing out, and his military instincts kicked in. "The shots got louder and louder and closer to us, and I saw people getting hit," he says. "Once we got to the festival fence, I helped throw a bunch of people over and got myself over. It was a mini war zone, but we couldn't fight back."

Once outside the fence, Winston found ignition keys had been left inside a white Chevrolet Silverado parked in the lot. He put some wounded concertgoers into the truck and piled more on the bed, and sped to Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center about five miles away. This was before any ambulances arrived at the festival. He transported as many as 30 victims in the stolen pickup truck. "Once we dropped them off, we were like well, let's go back for round two and get some more," he said, adding that "I think a lot of my training helped me in the situation. We needed to get them out of there regardless of our safety." Since then, he has returned the keys to the truck's owner, and does not want to be hailed as a hero for doing the right thing. Semper Fi!

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