Saturday, September 2, 2017

Bobo is back!

Today's crumb comes from a reader in Indiana. It began one night in the winter of 2007, when someone in the Dallas area tossed a 4-week-old dachshund puppy into a freezing pond. A passer-by saw the incident and rescued the puppy, which was immediately adopted by Donna Rosen and named Bobo. Bobo became the constant companion of Donna and her son Braxton. Now fast-forward to 2016 when Bobo vanished from the Rosen's fenced yard.

For the next 13 months, Donna searched for Bobo online. Then someone told her to extend her search beyond Texas. On August 2, as she scrolled through an Oregon Found Pets Facebook page, one picture stood out. She knew it was Bobo. He had been found running by railroad tracks and was living with Kara Schendel and her boyfriend in Hubbard, Oregon. Bobo had been in good health when he went missing. This dog was partially blind and deaf, so could it be the real Bobo? Nobody was sure until Donna made a Facetime call to Schendel, and when she called Bobo's name, he started looking around for her. On August 11, Donna left Braxton with relatives and flew to Oregon to reunite with the dog they loved. Then she surprised her unsuspecting son. "We got him back!" Braxton said.

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