Sunday, September 24, 2017

"A wonderful guy" from Kokomo, Indiana

Ricky Cardwell, 63, has worked at the Kokomo Burger King since he was 33. In three decades, he's only missed on day of work -- the day his mother passed away. Customers and staff know Ricky (sometimes nicknamed "Minnesota") for his hard work, dedication and positive personality. But he does more than flip burgers.

He likes to attend Kokomo High School sporting events -- ALL of them. He can't decide which sport he likes best. He leads cheers from the stands, and keeps score books at basketball games -- going back years. Once he rewarded a special team with a special gift. Burger King manager Myra Allen remembers, "When the Lady Kats won state, he took his last dollars and bought them all flowers. He doesn't have a lot of money, but he spent his very last dollar to buy them flowers." Cardwell doesn't know why folks fuss over him. "I just love working with people," he says. "It's what makes me want to come here every day. The people that work here are just great people."

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