Wednesday, November 23, 2016

When police stop your car, Texas style

A woman was driving a battered old car through Fort Worth, Texas, this week, when she saw flashing lights behind her and heard a siren. She knew she had to pull over. She could not afford to pay for a ticket. She could not even afford to fix the seat belts in her car, and she had to use a wrench to open the door. After she stopped by the side of the road, the police car stopped behind her with lights flashing, and an officer slowly approached.

She began to tell him that she could not afford a ticket. In fact, she could barely afford to buy food. Then she noticed he was not holding a ticket book. He was holding a frozen turkey, and she began to cry as he gave it to her. Why did this happen? Because Metro Ministries gave Fort Worth police 25 turkeys to give away in needy neighborhoods this week. According to the police department Facebook page, "Instead of handing out the usual traffic tickets, we decided to hand out turkeys, to show how thankful we are for our awesome citizens." Happy Thanks & Giving Day.

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