Friday, November 18, 2016

Policeman risks life to save animals

It happened in Franklin, NJ. A fire was reported at a pet store that had not opened for the day. Police officer Rafael Burgos and his partner were the first to respond, even before the fire department. The building was already in flames, with lots of smoke, and officer Burgos made sure there were not people inside the store. Then he began rescuing frightened animals.

According to Franklin Police Detective Nevin Mattessish, officer Burgos "was running these animals out and putting them in his car." Although Burgos suffered smoke inhalation, he kept bravely reentering the smoke-filled building to rescue trapped animals. Neighbors opened their homes to many of the displaced animals, while others were taken to a nearby veterinary hospital for safe keeping. A veterinarian said the fire could have killed the animals. "Especially the birds," he said. "They're extremely sensitive to things in the air. Luckily they got out quickly."

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