Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Newborn baby saves mother's life

Last year, when Shelly Cawley, 22, went to Carolinas HealthCare System Northeast in Charlotte to have her baby, she needed an emergency C-section. The last thing she remembers before losing consciousness was that something would go wrong. And it did. Doctors delivered a healthy baby, but she slipped into a coma. After breathing with the aid of a machine for a week, nearly all hope was lost, until nurse Ashley Manus had an idea. She believes skin-to-skin contact benefits mothers and babies, so baby Rylan was placed on Shelly's chest. The baby was so content that she fell asleep, and had to be ticked and almost pinched before she let out a wail.
"They say they saw a spike in my vitals when she did cry," Shelly said. "They think hearing her subconsciously gave my body a reason to fight. I needed to be there for my baby." Hearing her baby's voice started a gradual recovery and today both are in good health. "I got my wife back," said husband Jeremy.

Writing on Facebook recently, Shelly said "What a difference a year makes. Can't wait to discover what God has planned for my life, and to just enjoy the ride on the way there!"

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