Sunday, November 1, 2020

Hard to believe, but true

 Like hundreds of others, 9-year-old Reese Osterberg and her family were devastated to loose their home last month in California's Fresno County Creek Fire. A huge baseball fan, Reese had been collection baseball cards since she was six, and had amassed a 100 card collection she was proud of. It was destroyed in the fire. When the Fresno County fire crew heard about her loss, they spread the word on Facebook. Could anyone help this little girl by donating some of their own cards?

San Jose's Kevin Ashford saw the post. "I got to thinking about what I had in boxes stored in my garage," he said. "I thought, you know, instead of selling them on eBay, I'm going to donate them all and put a smile on this little girl's face." That's exactly what he did. He'd been collecting since the 1990s, and (are you sitting down?) he had quite a few baseball cards to donate to Reese -- 25,000!

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