Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Immigrant will serve food to voters on Election Day

 Nasser Jaber once lived in the Palestinian territories, dreaming what it would be like to vote in a free election. Now 41, he's lived in Brooklyn, New York, for nearly 20 years, where he founded Migrant Kitchen, a nonprofit organization which trains and hires immigrants and undocumented workers for careers in the restaurant industry.

Now he has dedicated himself to offering warm meals on Election Day to people in food-insecure areas as they stand in long lines to vote. In partnership with another organization, he plans to serve more than 50,000 free meals in cities like Philadelphia and Miami, where voting lines may stretch farther than the eye can see. He hopes people he feeds at the polls will take away more than a meal. "I also want them to take away the message that their vote really does count, " he says.

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