Thursday, October 10, 2019

Last will and testament

Dennis Valstad (shown here) lived in Wisconsin. He owned a small dry-cleaning business and never got married or had kids. A few months ago he passed away at age 69. Nobody thought he was rich, but over the years, he'd saved half-a-million dollars. Then he got creative with his will.

He secretly wrote in his will that all half-a-million dollars would be divided equally to whoever showed up for his funeral. He didn't have a lot of close friends, so he figured it wouldn't be a large turnout. But over the years, he'd been extremely kind and generous to everyone he knew, and he underestimated how many people cared for him. In the end, 270 people showed up to pay their respects. Recently each mourner got a letter in the mail to let them know they were getting $1,800.

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