Friday, August 24, 2018

Who says kittens aren't smart?

As reported in The Villages Daily Sun, Jaclyn Bergren was driving home from a recreation center in The Villages, Florida, one Friday when she decided to stop and buy groceries. Then she spotted a soaking wet kitten crying on a median strip. She put it in her car and drove to her grandparents' home where she called vets, pet stores and shelters, but none could help. Hopping back in her car, she set out for the Humane Society of Sumter County, but the kitten crawled up behind her dashboard and would not come out. The Humane Society could not get the kitten out. It was closing time for most businesses. With temperatures in the 90s, she feared the kitten would die over the weekend.

                                                                                                                   The Villages Daily Sun
In desperation, she called the nearest auto repair shop, Southern Diesel and Automative. At first they thought she was joking, but offered to help. They took her dashboard apart piece by piece until they finally reached the kitten, who had become stuck. Then they reassembled the dashboard. They assured Bergren that their labor would be free, and they also offered to find a good home for the kitten. Now named Dash (for obvious reasons), the kitten is now living happily with a 9-year-old girl, one of the mechanic's extended family.

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