Sunday, June 19, 2016

If only Gumby could talk!

A 7-year-old hound named Gumby became a famous escape artist in Chrleston, SC. He escaped from anyone who adopted him and returned to the CAS (Charleston Animal Society.) So far he's come back eleven times! But why does he keep returning? The reason may surprise you.

He was first brought to CAS as a stray in September, 2014. He looked well-fed, like a recent runaway. His first adoption lasted three days before he escaped and returned to CAS. His second adoption lasted six days. His third adopter was determined to "make things work" but Gumby escaped and returned to CAS four times. Potential adopters are now warned of his Houdini escape skills. Finally the staff noticed that he never tried to escape from CAS, where he had a natural ability to read the emotions of other dogs, like new arrivals dealing with fear or anger. He helped them feel calm and safe. He knows he has work to do, and is now a permanent resident of the shelter. (Thanks to a loyal reader in the midwest for sharing this crumb with us.)

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