Sunday, November 2, 2014

The invisible dragon fighting fish

Perhaps you heard of the pet shop owner in England who needed more business. In order to attract new customers to his store, he tried an experiment. He put a fishbowl in his front window. He put nothing in the bowl except water -- not even a fish. Then he printed a sign and placed it next to the bowl. The sign had only four words. It said.....


For a few hours, nothing happened. but then someone passing by on the sidewalk outside noticed the bowl in the window. He stopped and stared intently at it, hoping for a glimpse of the fish. Another passerby saw him staring and joined him. Before long a small group of men and women clustered at the window. Finally one said, "The fish may be invisible, but I know they're fighting because I see tiny ripples on the surface of the water!" A lady next to him admitted she saw the ripples too. Soon everyone went inside to ask how much the invisible dragon fighting fish cost.

The owner wasn't sure how to reply, so he said the fish were not for sale. But they insisted he set a price, because they wanted invisible fish for their tanks at home. Finally, in desperation, he confessed there were no fish in the bowl. He admitted he filled the bowl with water and put a sign near it to attract attention to his store.

The shopkeeper was surprised how customers reacted to this news. They were very angry! It seemed to insult their intelligence to say there were no fish in the bowl. They felt frustrated, because they could not BUY THEIR OWN MISCONCEPTION. 

Does our world appear to be filled with countless mortals -- fighting for money, fighting for freedom, or fighting for life by fighting each other? Do we look at fragile, vulnerable mortals and think we see man's true identity? Are we bent on buying our own misconception of man, who is made in the "image and likeness" of God? (Genesis 1: 26)

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